Charge a Cell Battery without charger

Charge A Cell Battery Without Charger


A while ago,i accidentally dropped my cell phone while it was charging.Due to this the mini usb port of the cell phone broke.Because my phone is charging only through the usb port,that was very very bad.

So i considered my options.

First Option : Send the Cell Phone for repair?

My cell phone was already kind of old(~= 2 years old).There was no Cell repair shop locally.So i had to send it away for few weeks and ai had to pay good amount of money(relative to the current value of the cell phone).So,Rejected

Second Option : Repair the Cell Phone by myself?

This was the first thing that passed my mind when i discovered that the usb socket was broken.I know some things about electronics,i know how to solder,so let’s find the replacement kit and then let’s repair it.I found the replacement on Ebay and it was cheap.<= 5$.But then i opened the cell phone.I said i was good with soldering but i don’t know if i am that good.Pretty small tins.Haven’t tried something that small again.And that was my only active SmartPhone around.So i said,some other time maybe.

Third Option : Charge the cell battery directly.

The Usb port only receive the electric power from the charger or the usb cable.Don’t transform it.The charger (in my region) transform the voltage from 220V to 5V,but the Cell does nothing.Just transport electricity from the usb port to the battery.So you can plug the cables to the battery and do the same job.


DIY Dibbler

These are simple instructions,for making a DIY dibbler.
A dibbler is a tool that helps you with planting.It helps you keep the proper distances between the plants.
I made it from scrap pieces,in less than an hour.
I used an old bed plank,an old broomstick and some pieces of wood from an old window.
Tools needed,saw,glue and screws.

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You can cut the pieces the dimensions you want.I wanted the dibbler for lettuce.

The plank was 50cm x 15 cm,the side pieces about 55cm each and the broomstick pieces,5-6 cm each.

How To

You just have to open the holes in the plank.I made 3,the two 8 cms from the side,and the middle 16 cm from the other two.
If u can’t find any metal or plastic handle like me,you have to make a wooden handle too.
Mine was from and 2,5×2,5 cm scrap wood.

Glue the pieces or screw them,add a protective coat(better use a food-safe coat),and then use it.

The main difference from the market-dibblers is that mine has side “pointers”,that helps you keep straight and parallel lines easier.

I am sure it could be better if i had used different materials,but as i said,it was made from scrap pieces that i had already.

Growing My Own Herb And Spicy Plants

This is the second time i trying to grow my own herm and spicy plants.

The first time was a few years ago,when i was a Uni student.I had only half a dozen then.Now i am trying to have as many as i can.

I have seeds of 25 different spice and herbs.15 already planted.

I used clay pots(1 euro-2,5 each).

I also made some signs for each herb or spice.I used a scrap mdf piece,cut it to small rectangular pieces.Then i printed the logos i built in my comptuter,cut them in the proper size,decoupaged them into the mdf pieces,and then spray them with some coats of clear varnish.

Here’s the result,real simple but i am very happy.

Burlap Bottle Decoration For Present

I don’t remember exactly how i got this idea.I think that i saw this in a store someday.

It is a pretty simple and nice idea for pesonalizing a present.

I don’t know what happens in other countries,but in my coutry in the most of the times when you are going to a party,celebration,gathering,birthday you buy a bottle of alcohol(wine,whiskey,votka….)

Some times the bottles are without any package.”bulk”.So the wrapping with a simple decorative paper isn’t always so nice.

The idea is to make your own decorative package from burlap,in a few minutes.

Burlap is a common material that you can found in the most of the fabric stores.In my country costs about 5 euros or less  the square metre(depends on the quality and the density of the fabric)

It can be found in many colors,with the classic brown,ecru,orange,green… (more…)

Modern Shoe Rack

This idea isn’t mine.I saw originally this shoe rack design in Not Martha’s Blog.

I made some changes but the idea is the same.It is a modern,cheap and easy to do shoe rack.

I made it from MDF panels.Mdf panels don’t need to be in specific size.You can make them even from scrap pieces if you want.It depends on you how big it will be,how many shelves will have…. (more…)

Tool’s Belt From Burlap Sack

Tool’s Belt are very handy and usefull.Especially when doing work in narrow places or up in a ladder.

I wanted one with many pockets.The leather ones from the market are very expensive 50-100 euros,and the nylon ones are cheap but too weak.

So i decided to built one by self.I used materials that i already had in the house.

I used burlap sack for two reasons.First,it looks nice,and second it has enough resistance to hold tools and if it is ripped some day you can saw it easily.


Flavored Olive Oil

Some time ago in a cooking tv show,i watched a chef  using flavored oils.

It wasn’t the first time I saw these flavored oils.The tourist shops usually have flavored oils in small bottles for the tourists.
The chef explained how simple is to make them.
Virtually the only need an airtight glass bottles, aromatic herbs and spices and extra virgin olive oil.
i am Greek and as a family we produce our own olive oil for years now, olive oil can be found in plenty in our house and its used almost for everything in our daily diet.
There is a saying stating that there are only two types of  oil, olive oil and engines oil (all the oils that is not olive oil)

I decide to make some of those flavored oils either for decoration or for extra taste in our daily meals.


Cleaning Sandpapers

DSC00289Yesterday i was trying to renovate my coffee table.I run out of remover.So i had to sandpaper it,using mostly orbital sander.

Soon because of  the several layers of varnish and paint,i run out of sandpapers,cause they came all dirty really soon(don’t know really why).I didn’t finish the job and it costed me 3 euros(30 cents a piece).

I thought that it is a waste,cause they were like new and not worn or damaged,but they became flat from the dirt between the grit.So i searched the net,for methods to clean a sandpaper.

I found a few,some very common,some unique.

So here they are.


Magnetize and Demagnetize Tools Easily

Today i found that one of my screwdrivers has been magnetized accidently.I couldn’t remember a way to demagnetize it,so i googled it.

I remembered that had i seen a useful gadget that magnetize-demagnetize things easily in a super-store(and it was cheap too).Here is a same one that i find on the net.

I found some easy ways to magnetize and demagnetize tools yourself easily.You can’t  demagnetize,off-course,tools that have magnets in their components.Only tools that magnetized someway temporary.