How to make flour glue

The flour glue is a very simple and cheap to make glue. You can make it,with simple materials that exist in the kitchen.
It is suitable for glueing paper with paper or other porous materials (bricks, concrete, wood) and used as a substitute for the glue in paper mache projects. When it dries,acquires very hard texture and is definitely stronger than the simple paper glue.


Materials Needed

  1. Flour (pic 2)
  2. Water (pic 3)
  3. Salt (pic 4)
  4. Vinegar
  5. A pot (pic 7)
  6. A tool for mixing(pic 5) 
  7. A storage can (pic 9)
  8. A measuring cup (pic 6)

How to make it

Put the pan on the fire/burner and add water and then the flour according to the dosage we want with a measuring cup ( the ratio of water and flour vary by how thick we want the flour glue to be)
The usual ratio is 1 flour /4 water – 1 flour / 2 water. I used the analogy 1 flour /3 water. )
Stir from the beginning and constantly with a whisk  , to avoid creating small balls in the mixture .
They add a tablespoon of salt to bond better the glue and continue stirring . The fire/burner should not be too high , because we want the temperature to be just below the boiling point of water . If it goes higher,the bonding (flour with water) will break and we will have to redo it from scratch.
When this mixture is smooth  ( like a gel soup ) ,is ready . Remove from heat , let it cool and the glue is ready .
It may hold for a few days in a closed container if we want but it is advisable to be used as soon as we make it cause it gets smelly.
If we want to keep it a little longer when it boils we add two tablespoons of white vinegar (per cup flour) or sugar . The vinegar and sugar are a natural preservative and will keep it a little more ( attention if you add sugar,add it at the end of cause it may get caramelized )
As I said just above is suitable for sticking with paper, pulp , for posters or glueing any porous material together .

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