Parkside – Desktop Drill Press PTB16


This is the second article about the tools offered by the super market Lidl with its brand-name Parkside.
As I said in my earlier post , I am  very pleased ( always comparing the cost of them) and often prefer them .
Especially for tools that i will not use very often , it’s my first choice when I find them .

It is a desktop drill press that  I got from the Lind ( if I remember correctly the 69 or 79 € ).
I had a Desk Stand for drills,but it was n’t easy to use.You had to use allen keys all the time to change the depth or the position.So when i saw the Desktop Drill i bought it.
The cheapest desktop drill with same nominal wattage costed 2 times the parkside money. For example the model of Fabel belonging to Unimac costs 160 € and is slightly better than the PTB .
The Einhell ( which is a cheap brand) costs 110 and has worse features than the PTB .
The rest costs more than 250.


  • Powered 500 Watt
  • 9 speed  (changes with belts)
  • Turns per minute (390-2600)
  • On / Off button
  • Vise provided
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustable base
  • Chuck from 1.5 to 16 mm with a special place for the key chuck
  • Doubles eye protectors that can be folded easily
  • Special adjustable drilling depth
  • Weight 27kg
  • Relatively simple assembly
  • A 3 year warranty


I am very pleased with the PTB16.It was cheap,it is powerful and had no problem all these years.Of course i don’t recommend it for professional use,but for amateur use i think is suitable.One of the best parkside tools i have ever bought.Totally recommend it to anyone.

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