Sharpening Scissors

In everyday life all use scissors for quite different reasons.
There are many types of scissors.Each one of them is for a different use.They can be used for cutting paper,metal plates,grass,hair,clothes or even break bones.
All of them after severe use they get blunt. Or even worse if we forgot them somewhere with moisture they get rusted and become useless.
I will try to show you all possible ways ( at least all I know  , because there may be others) for sharpening them .

Some scissors i use daily


  • Fist one,is a cheap paper scissor with long blades
  • Second one,is a Singer clothes scissor.
  • Third one is a kitchen scissor.It is used for cutting meat and breaking small bones.But you can use it also for cutting plastic or other hard materials.
  • Forth one is a wire cutter scissor.Cuts wire and thin metal sheets.


Simplest Way


It is the simplest way for sharpening scissors.Unfortunately it is not the best,so if the scissor is too blunted it won’t work.


Only for minor problems

How To

It is very simple.You just use a sandpaper (120-400 grit) and you cut the sandpaper as many times as you can.The cutting must be done in both sides.

Sharpening Stones

It is also a cheap and easy way to sharpen your scissors.Only things is that you must be careful to keep the cutting angle right.There are some special tools that can help you with that.But if you have a steady hand it can also be done manually.

Suggested For

For minor blunting or minor cracks in the blades.

How To

You just sharpen each blade.You can dismantle the scissor to make it easier if you want.You must spray water on the sharpening rocks in the beggining.And you only sharpen the cutting side of each blade.Never the other one.

Belt Sander

It can be compared with the sharpening stone, but here it is mechanically and faster. Again the sharpening angle wants attention and always bear a glass full of water to cool the scissors from time to time, cause if the blades are heated too much it will be destroyed.

Suggested for

For restoring blades and rust removal

How To

With a angled tool( if we have) after you place the belt sander on its base, set the speed somewhere in the middle.Use Grit sandpaper (120-400) carefully hone the internal side of the blade.When it is heated,cool it with water.


Power Bench Grinders


It’s like the grindstone but also like the belt sander,it is lot faster. Usually has its own angler. There are many types of bench grinders with different grinding stones.Some are for wet grinding,some for dry.

Suggested for

Usually for restoring blades or for changing the angle

How To

Place each blade on the angler tool, set the correct angle and carefully drag the blade. Do the same for the other blade. Again if needed,cool it with water.


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