Magnetize and Demagnetize Tools Easily

Today i found that one of my screwdrivers has been magnetized accidently.I couldn’t remember a way to demagnetize it,so i googled it.

I remembered that had i seen a useful gadget that magnetize-demagnetize things easily in a super-store(and it was cheap too).Here is a same one that i find on the net.

I found some easy ways to magnetize and demagnetize tools yourself easily.You can’t  demagnetize,off-course,tools that have magnets in their components.Only tools that magnetized someway temporary.

I found 2 ways,a very simple and a simple.
Very Easy Way
The only thing you need is a magnet and a tool you want to magnetize.
How To

We simply place the magnet in the meta metal spot near the handle.And then we drag it to the edge several times(5-10).We only drag it from the inside to the edge,and never opposite.And it is done.

Simple Way

The only thing we need is a 9v battery,a copper wire,and the tool we want to magnetize(the photo isn’t mine,it is from the web).


We strip the two edges of the wire.We connect the one edge with the one pole terminal of the battery,and we wrap the wire over the tool as many times as we can and tightly,like a coil.Then we connect the other edge of the wire to the other pole terminal of the battery
Maybe this will cause sparkles,so wear goggles and gloves.Repeat the procedure if necessary to increase the magnetic powers of the tool


I found again two ways,one easy and one more difficult

The Easy Way

Just throw the tool you want to demagnetize on solid ground(concrete…)some times.The impact will demagnetize the tool after some times.

The more difficult


You basically need an old electronic transformer.The best how to i managed to find was one on the instructables.It is n’t that hard to make it work,but i prefer the simple way and i will buy soon the gadget tha does the job easily.

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