10 alternative diy handles and knobs

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10 ways to make diy handlesMost handles and knobs usually have the same design and type . There are of course several new and modern designs but are  usually quite expensive . If you want to be original or give a special decor to any room , you can easily make your own handles, especially for small furniture or cupboards .

Using your imagination and whatever you have in handy,you can turn pretty useless objects into beautiful handles.

Let's see 10 unique ways to get ideas


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Pencil holder from brick

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Some time ago, I stumbled upon a project in instructables.It was a tool holder from a compact brick. Very unique and intuitive idea.
So I thought to advance that idea a little bit and make a pencil holder.
There are several types of bricks, some of them have holes and some are compact. In theory you can use whatever brick you want , but the easiest would be to find the ones with holes.

10+ Amazing creations with concrete

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10 AMAZING CREATIONS WITH CONCRETECement is a material that’s been used for centuries.Although it was probably first discovered in Mesopotamia,it became widely known by the Romans who used it in several major structures.


Difference between Cement and Concrete

Cement is a binder,a substance that sets and hardens when it is react with water and carbon dioxide and binds other material together.
The composite material we use in masonry, which is an artificial fossil,is called concrete.It is mainly a mix of cement,coarse granular material,water and maybe some other materials.

Cement is the binder,the substance that fill the gaps and ‘glue’ together all the other material.


Concrete to be fully complete,needs some time for curing.It is usually about 4 weeks (28 days).During this period,concrete must remain moist,so to harden fully.After the curing time  90% of it is strength will be reached.


Concrete even it is extremely resistant to pressure,it is weak to tension.If you will not reinforce it,it will break rather easily.So we need to reinforce it with steel bars or some other material( steel fiber,glass fiber,plastic…)


There are several types of cement and concrete. Depending on what you want to build and  what use it will have, we must use the proper. So , if you want to build something really big or something that may serve specific purposes, it is advisable to ask a specialist first, what type should be used and how it should be made .


Composition of Concrete

As we said there are dozens of different types of concrete with different materials in each.
The basic ingredients of the concrete is

  • Cement (or some other binder)
  • Inert materials (usually gravel)
  • Water

They may be used but many other materials such as lime, chemical hardeners, colorants, antifreeze, water-repellent and several others.

The ratios are different depending on the type and what use it will have.

For simple structures the rough proportions are 1 part cement 7 portions inert gravel and 1/2 Water. Fo example 100 kg cement, 700 gravel and water 50.

If the structure will undergo tensions and use reinforcement with steel, it is good to be rusty. Rusty metal has better adhesion to concrete.

Mixing concrete

Concrete production is simple enough.There are 4 different ways that you can get concrete.
The first is to buy it from a factory.It costs more,but you don’t have to do manual labor.

The second way,is the old good way with the shovel.You mixt the materials in a steady surface with a shovel until the mixture becomes  ready.

The third way is to use an electric drill mixer.For small volume is ideal.

Last way needs to have at your disposal a cement mixer.It is the best and the easiest way to make concrete.If you don’t have one,you can rend it.

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10 unique ideas for making coasters

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pageAlthough coasters are usually very cheap, most of the times are usual. Most of the designs are identical and simply change little designs and colors. But you can easily make your own coasters with simple materials you may have at home and give your own personal touch.

Because of their small size, are usually relatively easy to make. You can use any material you have at your disposal. If you want them to be practical you should have in mind some key features that they should have.

  • Be waterproof or absorb water.
  • Have a soft base that would not make marks on furniture and glass surfaces (for this reason the cork or felt are ideal materials for base)
  • Their size not far surpasses ten centimetres in length or width
  • Be the same size,to be stored more easily

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Paint your door mat

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The  door mats are usually plain without any color or pattern. Sometimes may have some kind of greeting in black color. The designs are limited and is not unlikely at all to come across one floor of an apartment building that all door mats are exactly the same.

But you can very easily paint them and make them unique. The rush mats can be painted very easily with an acrylic spray.
If you paint them properly and let them dry enough,they can last for a long time. Acrylic spray is relatively cheap and cost 3-5 Euros. There are dozens of shades so you can choose what suits you.
You can of course also use acrylic paint with a brush,roller or sponge brush.
By using paper tape or stencils you can make unique designs.
Plastic mats not stained equally well. You will need a special primer for more permanent results on plastic most of the times.
So with a simple rush mat,a paint spray and some DIY mood you can to create amazing door mats.
Let’s see some of the best DIY door mats around to get some ideas
(you can click on each picture to go to the tutorial)



10 DIY ideas for business cards

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A well designed business card is something that can make you stand out and impress in your first steps for building your personal brand. You can very easily make something that goes beyond the usual and give  your personal style to your business card.There several ways to make your own business cards.
Both Office and LibreOffice have lots of built-in templates that can help you design your own cards. There are also several websites on the internet that you can design your cards free. You can also buy  ready-made printable sheets with pre-cut business cards.

Let’s look at ten of the coolest DIY business cards you can find.

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10 wonderful ideas for decorating pots

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10 wonderful ways for decorating potsPots with flowers are always beautiful but you can make them even more beautiful if you decorate them.There are many ways to do that,especially with clay pots.Clay is a porous material so you can easily paint it , use glue or stucco on it.

You can use your imagination and whatever you have to give them a distinct look.

Here are 10 wonderful ways to decorate them.

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